Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ralph David Abernathy in 1930 Census

Finding civil rights activist Ralph David Abernathy in the census was a challenge, because it turns out his birth name was David, and was later called Ralph by family members. And it was quite a family, here are the members: Will Abernathy 49, Lore I Abernathy 41, Jack Abernathy 22, Ella L Abernathy 21, Minowa Abernathy 18, Kermit T Abernathy 17, Clarence Abernathy 13, Garland Abernathy 11, Louvenia Abernathy 9, William A Abernathy 7, Lula M Abernathy 5, David Abernathy 4, and Susie E Abernathy 6/12.


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