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John Edwards Family Tree

from Ancestry.com


Johnny Reid Edwards was born June 10, 1953, in Seneca, South Carolina. His father, Wallace Edwards, worked in a textile mill. His mother, Catharine “Bobbie” Wade Edwards, ran a furniture refinishing shop and later worked for the US Postal Service.

Edwards' wife, Elizabeth Anania Edwards, was a fellow law student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They met during a class and married three years later in 1977.

Edwards' maternal great-grandparents did what for a living? Find out in the 1910 US Census.

Elizabeth and John Edwards have four children – Catherine (born 1983), Emma Claire (1999) and John Atticus (2001). Their eldest son, Wade, (born 1979) was killed in a car accident in 1996.
* The research for this family tree is only as accurate as the resources we found to verify the information.


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